Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Debian Package maker 0.4.1

Debian Package Maker is a simple tool for building your own debian package.

You can build debian packages using two modes:

Target Mode
Manually specify the installation directory and the files to be installed in the target installation directory.

Source Mode
Debian Package Maker will configure the source for you, compile them and then build a package using the target rules.
configure/autogen scripts and Makefile/rules is required for DPM to automate the whole process for you.

Or if you prefer a wizard, as of 0.4 you can now build a Debian package using wizard.

Provides user interface for package information that will be used as control file to create a debian package.

It also provides a different tabs for adding package dependencies:

Can add scripts like postins,changelogs etc. straight forward to use.

Download Package

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy

Download Source

To get the latest source from branch, just copy and paste the command below to your terminal and hit Enter.
bzr branch lp:~welemski/debianpackagemaker/release-0.4.1

Be sure you have bzr installed in your system.

---------------------- Screenshots ------------------------------

Package Information Tab

Target Mode

Source Mode

-------------------------------- Changelog---------------------------


* Fix control file generator
* Fix alternate package combobox: Now displays YES/NO instead of AND/OR.
* Fix document location.

* Added Wizard for step by step guide
* Change the layout to hide the Optional Fields by default
* Added some documentation
* Fixed some thread bugs


Unknown said...

Thanks for this great application !

Anonymous said...

Very nice program, thanks. Some things were tricky to figure out though.

kangkong-soft said...

Thank you very much :D Let me know which part is tricky maybe I can improve it.

Christoph Korn said...

Could you also give the debian directory of your hardy deb package?

So it can also be compiled using 64bit and release it on getdeb.net?

kangkong-soft said...


Hi, I'm sorry what do you mean by debian directory?

Christoph Korn said...

Some requested to have a 64bit package, here:

So I requested to have the source (debian directory or diff.gz) for compiling the sources and pack them to a debian package.
This package would then be released on getdeb.net.

Antonio said...

This is a good software. I found a bug (see google code site) and I would like to know if you are maintaining this software... just to know if we can wait an update


Marco Ferroni said...

any upgrade for ubuntu 8.10 ?

kangkong-soft said...

Hi all, I'm really sorry. I got tide up. Lots of projects commin' in. Expect an update after Jaunty Jackalope is released.

Many thanks for all the bug reports, patches and language contributions.

sundar said...

any updates for ubuntu 9.04??? it seems project is dead...

MikeP said...

Intriguing looking software! I hope that getting this working on Jaunty and or Karmic will allow others to contribute more PPA!!! Can't wait to get it working for my Jaunty install!


Anonymous said...

My sincerest thanks to the author for this great software! I hope that he can continue to maintain it. It's not just "one button install", it's practically "one button" create install as well (even with having to run it from the live CD)!

For anyone interested, the following are instructions to install DPM from the Ubuntu 8.10 live CD. They were adapted from http://code.google.com/p/debianpackagemaker/issues/detail?id=7. I just used this approach (in target mode) to create my first Debian package (big grin). I tested the resulting package on ubuntu 8.10, 9.04 and 10.04 with no problems (my app is a mono C# app developed using MonoDevelop 2.0 under ubuntu 9.04). Hope this helps others...

- Boot into ubuntu 8.10 live CD.
- Add community maintained (universe repos) to software sources (this step may be unnecessary).
- System/Admin/Software Sources
- Check "Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)".
- Click "Close"/"Reload".
- Install debianpackagemaker (dpm_0.4.1~welemski1_i386.deb) with GDebi.
- Download dpm_0.4.1~welemski1_i386.deb from http://code.google.com/p/debianpackagemaker.
- Double-click the downloaded .deb file and click "Install".
- Install dependencies (from Synaptic).
- autogen
- libmono-dev
- Create path, "/tmp/DebianPackageMaker/usr/lib/debianpackagemaker".
- Create a symlink.
- sudo ln -s /usr/lib/debianpackagemaker/DebianPackageMaker.exe /tmp/DebianPackageMaker/usr/lib/debianpackagemaker/DebianPackageMaker.exe
- Go to desktop and test run the application from console.
- debianpackagemaker
- Create your package using DPM.